Faz the psikik. NOT!

It is funny when you think about your life. Funny when you know so little about it. I keep thingking about what if I am Jane or Professor X in XMen movies. They know so many things inside others heads. From happy thoughts to dark deep secrets and for sure they never see other people like everyone else see them.

 They see people as if they know them ( of course, cause they knew what happend inside their head). You know.. sometimes, you feel that yeah I know him/her so much we can even finish each other sentences. Lol. But the real thing is darling, we people, do hide things, and we can never ever know someone so close like isi dengan kuku thing. We humans, cant really read what on other people head or heart.

This keep bugging me (yeah i know, i bug small matter a lot, thats why i have blog in the first place,lol).

So I guess, we should not give 100% trust to other peoples even it is your parents or siblings or partner or your bestfriends. They tends to hide their true feelings or emotions ( including me). Well i, myself sometimes confiuse to differentiate which one is true or false feelings. How can I know?

To free myself from this stupid psikik that keep bugging me, I just accept whatever feelings and emotions you all give to me and i dont want to care about it originality at all. You can give me false emotions or true feelings. I dont care anymore . I just want to be happy .

Therefore i hereby declare my freedom.

Goodbye bad toughts!

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